Blue Death: The 1918 Influenza in Montana

Historical Documentary

History Repeats Itself.

We co-produced and provided equipment, crew, & post for this historical documentary. Our experience with Covid made it much easier for us to imagine what people were going through during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. It was heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story. This film with air on MT PBS in 2024. 

Synopsis: The nation lost more people to this flu than to World Wars I & II combined. The 1918 pandemic would upend the lives of all Montanans, especially those of young adults, Indigenous people, African-Americans, and nurses. This documentary tells the story of 6 Montanans living through the Influenza pandemic.

  • Project Blue Death: The 1918 Influenza in Montana
  • Genre Historical Documentary
  • Release 2024
  • Prod. Co Dance River Productions & Shoot Montana
  • Producers Dee Garceau, Ashby Glover, John D. Nilles
  • Director Dee Garceau
  • D.P. John D. Nilles
  • Shoot Montana Provided Crew, Cameras, Equipment, Casting, Post-Production