Double Nickel


A Nightmare in Noir.

We co-produced and provided crew & equipment for writer/director Mark Tomov’s homage-filled, but still unique and original, pulp-noir-horror. This film is currently on a festival run. Premiere screening to happen at the Montana Film Festival in Missoula, MT.

Synopsis: When two hired killers storm into the Hideaway Café, tensions arise with a waitress named Loretta, and the deal that went south in their wake. Armed with double cross and a heavy secret in her pocket, Loretta must face the monster she summoned before it takes the night down with her. A mix-and-shake of rockabilly noir and 70’s horror, Double Nickel is a pair of loaded dice that might just kill you twice.

  • Project Double Nickel
  • Genre Short Pulp-Noir-Horror
  • Release 2023
  • Prod. Co Tomov Film & Shoot Montana
  • Producers Mark Tomov & John D. Nilles
  • Director Mark Tomov
  • D.P. John D. Nilles
  • Starring Michael Spears, Gillian Todd, Jeff Medley