Saving For The Day

Multi-Genre Action-Adventure

A Micro-Budget Epic.

Saving for The Day is an ambitious multi-genre film unlike any action-adventure you’ve ever seen. Over 400 Montanans worked on this grass roots project of passion for 12 years. It pays flagrant homage to the films you grew up on (age dependent).

Synopsis: Joe Bell is a penny-pinching hermit saving for the day when his real life will begin. One day he’s given a chest filled with treasure by a cryptic, old man. After the Old-timer “accidentally” locks the chest, Joe must go on a series of adventures to track down the key. Each adventure is a different genre. There are over 12 different genres. Joe’s quest leads him to a determined & quirky baseball bat-wielding archeologist named Abbey. She wears the key on a necklace unaware of its value to Joe. He falls for her and begins pursuing her for both love and money. Ultimately, Joe must decide between the two.

  • Project Saving For The Day
  • Genre Feature Action-Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Film Noir, Horror, Western, War, Sci-Fi, Heist, & more
  • Release 2023
  • Prod. Co With A Cause Productions & Shoot Montana
  • Director John D. Nilles
  • D.P. John D. Nilles
  • Starring Andy Shirtliff, Lindsey Zachariasen, James McGahee, Cheyenne Adamson, Jared Branden, Jeff Medley, R.J. Parnell, & many others